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This isn't just about swimwear.  Did you know that the average adult spends 93% of their life indoors??  We're here to change that.  Our mission is to create beautiful, functional swimwear for women to suit up and explore the world with confidence, beauty, and ease.  We do this through quality, ethical, eco-friendly products that are designed and made in the USA, and ready to stick with you through your wildest adventures.

Our mission is simple: We’re here to help women feel confident in their swimwear so they can get outside and change the world.  Whether you’re heading out to chase some waterfalls, grabbing your board for a sunrise surf, or packing up for a relaxing getaway…  EvieSwim has your backside.  This is about more than just swimwear.  Here's to all the adventures awaiting you under the big blue sky.


our mission is

Our daily goal here at EvieSwim is to see women empowered and excited to live big. No more sitting by on the indoor sidelines because you don’t feel confident or comfortable in your suit.  Every product is created and curated by women, just like you, who are ready to suit up and take this big beautiful world by storm.
Whether you’re a badass mom ready to take your kids on adventures and show them this earth, or a daring weekend explorer looking to shred some surf, welcome home.  You’ve just found a revolution of likeminded women.  Are you with us?

this is
just the beginning

this is just
the beginning

When I moved to California, I had no idea the struggle that awaited me. I simply wanted to feel comfortable at the beach. That was it. Whether I was lounging on the beach with my girls or diving into the surf to catch a few waves, I wanted my suit to move with me and not against me. I searched high and low for something I could confidently wear on any and every occasion while feeling both beautiful AND comfortable. I wanted quality that would hold up through my wild adventures. To my dismay, I just couldn't find it. So I decided to create it. I had no experience in fashion design when I started this company, but I knew what I wanted and I brought in experts who could help us bring the vision to life. We've fought upstream in the industry to create ethical, eco-friendly, durable, and beautiful swimwear.  Each and every one of these suits are made intentionally and thoughtfully with hours of detailed design to empower you to take the world by storm. Made by women for women. I can’t wait to see how you suit up and tackle life.

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